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The Ministry of Sports supports the 1st Caribbean Games

By letter of September 24th, 2021, the Minister of Sports, Ms. Roxana MARACINEANU, "is committed to supporting the organization of the 1st Caribbean Games", which will take place from June 29th, 2022 to July 3rd, 2022 in Guadeloupe.

A subsidy was awarded and an agreement signed with the Interministerial Delegation for Major Sports Events (DIGES).

"This attribution shows the quality of your project and the confidence of the ministry in the capacity of your federation to implement it with conscientiousness and responsibility. Wishing you every success in the preparation of this event", said the minister.

The DIGES will support NOC Guadeloupe in the organizational process, particularly in the development of the specification regarding the health context.

NOC Guadeloupe continues to prepare for this event, adapting the calendar to the health context while including the 1st Caribbean Games in a strategy of resilience and revival.

"It's great to learn that the organization of the 1st Caribbean Games is now part of the national strategy and the schedule for hosting major sporting events, which for us implies demands and an obligation to succeed in this challenge. Now we will continue to raise awareness and mobilize as many public and private partners as possible in Guadeloupe. "

Alain SOREZE, President of NOC Guadeloupe

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