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CANOC meets the elected representatives of Guadeloupe!

Meeting between the president of @canocsport Brian LEWIS and the president of the @larivieradulevant Cédric CORNET and the Vice-PresidentPresident and in charge of sport and youth Richard ALBERT to discuss the development of the first of the Caribbean that will take place from 29 June to 03 July.

The president was able to visit the sports palace of Gosier which will host the competitions of Futsal and Anse Tabarin where will be held the open water swimming event.

They also met Mr Éric JALTON, President of @agglocapex.

They also visited the Rene Serge Nabajoth Municipal Stadium located in the village, where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Caribbean Games 2022 will take place.

The @ville_des_abymes will host the 3x3 Basketball competitions of the 2022 Caribbean Games at the Patrick Céligny Complex in Boisripeaux, as well as the Swimming at the Baimbridge Intercommunale Pool.

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