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Basket 3x3

Basketball 3x3


The 3X3 is a friendly and free practice. It has been developing for many years, first under the impetus of street players, then with the support of the French BasketBall Federation. Since 2010, the 3X3 has been structured with national and international competitions.

The emergence of the 3X3 is based on a modern, young and fun design, in line with the aspirations of a public looking for a spectacular sport, not restrictive in practice.

The 3X3 is played on half-court with a single basket. It requires explosive qualities as well as precise and controlled gestures.

The teams are made up of 3 players and a substitute.

The match is played in 10 minutes with time counting or 21 points if one of the two teams reaches this score before the end of regulation time.

The clock is stopped at each whistle and during free throws.
On a check-ball, the clock starts when the ball has returned to the attacker's hands.
In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, after a one-minute break, the two teams play extra time. The first team to score 2 points wins the game.

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