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on Track:

Track cycling is a discipline whose main objective is the conflict of speed, endurance and teamwork.

The first track cycling competition was held in the 19th century and in 1895 the first world championship was held.

The history of track cycling dates back 120 years, when it first appeared at the Athens Games in 1896.

This race takes place in an enclosed space conditioned for the competition called a velodrome. It measures 250 meters in an oval, and it works with bikes without brakes or gears.


Road cycling is a sport, one of the disciplines of cycling. It is contested at the amateur but also professional level in many countries. Participants, cyclists or cyclists compete in road competitions. Road cycling is a very demanding sport which should be distinguished from cycle tourism, an amateur sport in which leisure and tourism are privileged.

An individually ranked team sport, road cycling is all about endurance and tactics. It is essential to know how to save yourself. To do this, cyclists protect themselves from the wind (in turn) by standing one behind the other. They take turns to go further and faster. For example, a cyclist can preserve his strength throughout the duration of a race, sometimes more than 250 km, with a view to a final sprint of a few hundred meters.

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